Meet the Maker – Penzance Town Banners 2022

26th May 2022 in Council News, Penzance

The streets in Penzance town centre have received their annual splash of colour with the arrival of the town banners, designed and produced by local artist Liz Tyrrell

Liz started creating the current style of banners back in 1999 and has made hundreds since: first as an assistant and co-worker and since 2017 running the town banner project.

Penzance Council commission and fund the banners every year that fly from buildings in Market Jew Street, Chapel Street, Causeway Head, the Greenmarket, and Alverton Street. The display of banners incorporates new designs and older flags from the past four years to ensure that these beautiful decorations are as sustainable as possible.

There are 50 new banners in 5 designs based on the ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’:

  • Connect with people around you
  • Get moving
  • Take time for the people and things you love
  • Stop and take notice
  • Give to others

The designs came about after a conversation with Tracey Bowers from Headstart Kernow, who support the mental health of children and young people. The ideas are also promoted by Mind, the NHS and many others.

“I felt that it would be an uplifting theme at a time when lots of people need a boost” said Liz.

“It’s not a replacement for professional help, but for some it could be a useful reminder of some of the things we can do to look after ourselves and each other”

“I would like to thank Karen Foss, Claire Sowden, and Maria Penrose for helping me produce them, Penzance Council for funding them, and Golowan for providing the workshop space.”

Cllr How, Mayor of Penzance, said “Whenever I meet people from other towns in Cornwall they often ask me if we still have ’those amazing banners’ in the town centre. So Liz’s work over the years has obviously become part of the Spirit of Penzance! We are very lucky to have such skilled and creative person as part of our community.”

Penzance Council also funds the promenade banners which have been designed and produced by local artist Lucy Birbeck.

'Connect with others' banner design

‘Connect with others’ banner design

'Get active' banner design

‘Get active’ banner design

'Connect with others' banner design #2

‘Connect with others’ banner design #2

'Give to others' banner design

‘Give to others’ banner design

'Take time for the people and things you love' banner design

‘Take time for the people and things you love’ banner design

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