Heamoor Old School Field

We own and maintain Heamoor Old School Field, located on Madron Road

Recent improvements

In September 2020, we sent a survey to every address in Heamoor to ask what improvements residents wanted to see at the field.

We had 296 responses, which is over 24% of the households in Heamoor!

The most asked-for improvements were:

  • Improved access to the field
  • Improved accessibility for people with mobility issues
  • New Benches
  • New play/gym equipment
  • Planting to encourage wildlife

What improvements have we made?

Works were carried out at the field Autumn 2021 – Spring 2022 and we have:

  • installed new swings
  • laid a new path across the field
  • dropped the kerb at the Madron Road entrance to improve accessibility
  • installed new seating
  • installed multi-waste bins for general litter & dog waste and mixed recycling
  • created new planted areas to encourage more wildlife in partnership with the HGVs (Heamoor Garden Volunteers)
  • repaired the wall
  • installed a new community noticeboard (if you would like to put up a poster please contact us)

The HGVs

We have a brilliant group of local volunteers known as the HGVs (the Heamoor Garden Volunteers) who help us to maintain the flower beds at the field!

“The Council have given us lots of bulbs, a few shrubs and 4 fruit trees and other gardeners are kindly offering us excess plants.

“The Heamoor Community Interest Organisation has also given us money towards the planting and they paid for the amalanchier tree which was chosen to celebrate the late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.”

– Tam

You’ll also see them out and about in the village as they also help to maintain other open spaces in Heamoor.

If you’d like to join the HGVs please email [email protected]

Members of the HGVs at Heamoor Old School Field
The HGVs

Opening times

08:00 – Dusk, 365 days a year


Please respect other visitors to the field by:


Dual waste and recycling bins have been installed on the field for general waste/dog waste and recycling. This forms part of our ‘in house’ actions to meet the aims of our Climate Emergency Plan.


The field is open to the whole community to enjoy!

If you would like to hold a community event at Heamoor Old School Field, please contact our offices – our Leisure & Amenities Team would be happy to talk you through the process (please contact us at least 10 weeks before the date you would like your event to take place).

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