Statement from Penzance Council Planning Committee on the proposed Coinagehall Street development

14th December 2023 in Council News, Penzance

Penzance Council would like to thank all those who came and spoke at last night’s Planning Committee meeting on planning application PA23/08659: Proposed residential and commercial development at Coinagehall Street and redevelopment of St Anthony Gardens (TR18 4AY).

Local residents sat on the tiered seating in St John's Hall for the Penzance Council Planning Committee Meeting to consider the Coinagehall Street Development planning application

During the meeting, the Committee heard from four people who spoke in favour of the application and thirteen people who spoke against it. The objections raised by the people who spoke against the application included the following:-

  • The loss of light for neighbouring properties arising from ‘Block D’ proposed within the plans.
  • The massing, height and scale of ‘Block D’ proposed within the plans.
  • The design of ‘Block D’ being unsympathetic to the surrounding properties, including the Yacht Inn and the Jubilee Pool, due to its proposed colours and materials.
  • The overdevelopment of the site as a whole.
  • The loss of on-street parking.
  • The loss of user-friendly spaces, such as lawns, resulting from the proposed changes to St Anthony’s Gardens.
  • The loss of a number of the historic aspects of St Anthony’s Gardens, which was deemed to be a ‘non-designated heritage asset’.
  • The loss of the biodiversity which currently existed within St Anthony’s Gardens and the loss of green space which would arise from the proposed ‘pavilion’ building.

Having heard the comments from the members of the public, both in favour of and against the proposal, the Committee voted to object to the proposed development on the grounds that it conflicts with policies 12(a) and 24 of the Cornwall Local Plan and paragraph 197(c) of the National Planning Policy Framework, but that the Council would welcome the opportunity to engage with residents and the developer to create an improved design as soon as possible.

A full copy of the draft meeting minutes is available to view here.

While the Penzance Council Planning Committee has made its decision in relation to this planning application, this is not the end of the process as we are just one of twenty-four different consultees who have the opportunity to respond to this proposal.

Penzance Council has no powers to make the final decision in relation to any planning application as these matters are determined by Cornwall Council as the local planning authority.

Further Notes

Cornwall Local Plan Policies 12(a) and 24:

Policy 12(a) relates to the character of a proposed development.

The Policy states that development should demonstrate “character – creating places with their own identity and promoting local distinctiveness while not preventing or discouraging appropriate innovation. Being of an appropriate scale, density, layout, height and mass with a clear understanding and response to its landscape, seascape and townscape setting.”

Policy 24 relates to the historic environment of a proposed development.

The Policy states “Development proposals will be permitted where they would sustain the cultural distinctiveness and significance of Cornwall’s historic rural, urban and coastal environment by protecting, conserving and where appropriate enhancing the significance of designated and non-designated assets and their settings.”

National Planning Policy Framework, paragraph 197(c)

Paragraph 197(c) relates to character and distinctiveness.

The paragraph states that “In determining applications, local planning authorities should take account of the desirability of new development making a positive contribution to local character and distinctiveness.”

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