New waiting restrictions to help pinch points for buses in Penzance, Newlyn and Gulval

9th February 2023 in Gulval, Local News, Newlyn, Penzance

The new waiting restrictions will be in place in 3 wards in the Penzance Parish

What’s it all about?

Cornwall Council and Cormac are implementing an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (Experimental TRO) which will take the form of waiting restrictions along bus routes in the Penzance Parish on a trial basis. Concerns have been raised about obstructive parking, which has been affecting access for buses in the following ward locations:

  • Penzance East
  • Newlyn
  • Gulval

What are the new restrictions?

No waiting at any time at the following locations:

Penzance East

  • Penare Terrace (outside No 1 The Mews and at the junction with Road from Penare Terrace to Lannoweth Road)
  • Road from Penare Terrace to Lannoweth Road (at junction with Penare Terrace)
  • Barwis Hill (outside Medrose Cottage and No. 13)
  • Rosevean Road (at its junction with Barwis Hill and Empress Avenue)
  • Empress Avenue (between Nos 1 & 1a and at the junction with Rosevean Road)


  • Chywoone Avenue (between Nos 12 and 20 and at access leading to Mount View Court)
  • Treveneth Crescent (at both junctions with Chywoone Avenue)


  • School Lane (between The Coldstreamer Inn and No 2 Treneglos Terrace)
  • Road from School Lane to Posses Lane (at junction with School Lane)

Maps showing the restrictions:

(Click on the links below each document to enlarge)

When will the new restrictions be in place?

The restrictions started on Thursday 2nd February 2023 and will remain in place for 18 months. These are temporary measures to see whether waiting restrictions in these areas will help buses navigate these areas more easily on their routes.

Public consultation on the measures

Cornwall Council have stated that any objections or representations about the measures must be made in writing within the first 6 months of the experimental period (August 2023). You can do this in a number of ways:

  • Submit your comments online on Cornwall Council’s Consultation Finder (you do need to register before you can submit your comments)
  • Email Infrastructure Design at [email protected], quoting the scheme name and reference (Penzance-St Ives bus pinch points (EDG1149), and indicating your support or objection to the proposals.
  • Respond in writing using this Consultation Response Form, indicating your support or objection to the proposals (please return the form to: Infrastructure Design, CORMAC Solutions Ltd, Radnor Road, Scorrier, Redruth, Cornwall, TR16 5EH)

Please note: these measures have not been put in place or are being monitored by Penzance Council. If you have any queries, or would like to discuss the measures further, please contact Sara Marchesini – Email: [email protected] or Call: 01872 327250

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