Penzance Deputy Town Crier to Join VJ Day 75 Commemorations

Penzance Deputy Town Crier, Phil Northcott, will join other town criers across the country on 15th August 2020 for a ‘Cry for Peace Around the World’.

It will form part of a programme of virtual and socially distanced events across the country to commemorate Victory over Japan and the absolute end of the Second World War 75 years ago.

Organised by Pageantmaster Bruno Peek LVO OBE OPR and his dedicated team, the celebrations will include pipers around the world, town criers and churches to ensure this anniversary is commemorated.

He said: “It’s wonderful to see VJ Day 75 being embraced by so many organisations both in this country and around the world. While we must remember and commemorate those who gave their lives or were gravely wounded during years of war, I believe VJ Day 75 is also an opportunity to celebrate the peace that came to us all at the end of this campaign and of WW II.”

Men from across the parish of Penzance died during the conflict with Japan on active service and in prisoner of war camps. Their sacrifice is as important today as it was 75 years ago, with survivors and their descendants still living in the area.

“Victory – and the subsequent peace involved huge sacrifices. The task for us is to prove that those sacrifices were not made in vain” said Councillor Nicole Broadhurst, Mayor of Penzance.

“On the 15th we mark the end of the Pacific War and we should all take a moment to reflect and remember the suffering and loss of life on both sides of the conflict. We will remember and we must never forget.”

75 Town Criers, one for each of the 75 years since VJ Day, will undertake a ‘Cry for Peace’ from safe locations of their choice in memory of the millions of those at home and abroad that lost and gave so much to enable us to share and enjoy the freedom we have today.

Phil Northcott said “Marking the end of conflict in the Pacific and Asian arenas gives us a chance to remember the sacrifice made and the loyal service given by millions of service personnel. We will forever be in their debt.

“We must also acknowledge the devastating impact on civilian populations on both sides. Ordinary people with the simple misfortune to be born and live in areas so tragically affected.

“It also reminds us to take heed of the lessons learnt in what led up to the conflict and how we can manage better as a global society to prevent reoccurrence.”

Mr Northcott will be making his cry at 11:10am on Saturday 15th August at the Penzance War Memorial at Battery Rocks. He will be joined by members of Penzance British Legion to mark this historic commemoration.

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