2 Councillors resign from Newlyn & Mousehole Ward

11th June 2024 in Council News

Cllrs Axford and Crago both give their formal resignations

We have received the formal written resignations of Councillors Dennis Axford and Rob Crago, both previously Newlyn & Mousehole Ward Councillors, with immediate effect.

Penzance Council would like to thank both Councillors for their service to the local community during their tenure as Councillors.

What happens now?

Electoral Services at Cornwall Council have been contacted and will provide us with the formal written notice of the vacancies in due course, which we will then advertise on our website, social media and noticeboards.

Once this notice has been received and displayed, the electors of the Newlyn & Mousehole Ward will have 14 working days during which they can request an election.

For an election to happen, the request must be:-

  • Made by 10 electors from Newlyn & Mousehole Ward;
  • In a signed letter (or letters) to the Proper Officer, Electoral Services at Cornwall Council; and
  • Received by the Proper Officer by the deadline specified in the notice of vacancy.

If no such request for an election is received, then we will progress to fill the vacancies by co-option.

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